SOANA Announcements as at April 2017

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MargaretApril 19Oliver 7 yrs.
AnthonyApril 22Saturday Night 1 yr.
LindsayApril 27Thursday Night6 yrs.
Rob G.May 5Friday Night1 yr.
Wes G.May 11Thursday Night12 yrs.
BrittanyMay 12Friday Night4 yrs.

Committee Meetings

Activities Sub-CommitteeVineyard Church 1825 Main St.April 24 - 7:30pm
Public Relations (PR)696 Main Street - Room #202May 9 - 6:30 pm
SOANA - Area Service Committee696 Main Street - Room #201May 13 - 10:00am
Ball Tournament Subcommittee696 Main Street Room 202 - 6:00pmApril 25 - 6:30pm
Ball Tournament Ad-hoc Guidelines696 Main Street Room 202April 27 - 6:00pm

Activities - Things to do!

Phone Line Orientation Workshop696 Main Street - Room 201May 13 after ASC
Ball PracticeKVR Fieldevery Sunday - 1 pm


What Where and When
NEW NA Meeting in Osoyoos Sundays 6210 Hwy. 97 nw corner door 6:00pm
NEW MEETING Osoyoos Saturdays United Church 7814 Spartan 7:30pm
Oliver is now meeting at 511 Banks Street - Wednesdays 7:30pm
Princeton meetings changing venue, starting October 12. “38 Kinley Ave.”
NEW!!! updated Posters and Meeting Lists are out, please discard all old the ones.
Princeton - Sunday Night meeting is now closed.
Saturday Night meeting will be moving to 1258 Main St. on November 05, Providence Funeral Home
Serenity by the Lake, June 16-18, 3031 McIver Rd. W. West Kelowna register by June 5 Flyer out.