SOANA Announcements as at January 1 2017

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Gen SJan 12Thursday Night 1 yr.
JustineJan 13Nooner1 yr.
Dave R.Jan 19Thursday Night 17 yrs.
StaciJan 20Friday Night1 yr.

Committee Meetings

Activities Sub-CommitteeVineyard Church 1825 Main St.Jan 16 - 7:30pm
Public Relations (PR)696 Main Street - Room #202Jan 10 - 6:30 pm
SOANA - Area Service Committee696 Main Street - Room #201Jan 21 - 10:00am

Activities - Things to do!

Tube DayApexFeb 5 - 2-3 hours$8.50, 2-3 Hrs, free Hot (Dogs n Chocolate) rides Library Pk lot 1:00pm Library Parking Lot


What Where and When
NEW NA Meeting in Osoyoos Sundays 6210 Hwy. 97 nw corner door 6:00pm
Oliver is now meeting at 511 Banks Street - Wednesdays 7:30pm
Princeton meetings changing venue, starting October 12. “38 Kinley Ave.”
NEW!!! updated Posters and Meeting Lists are out, please discard all old the ones.
RSC meets in Hope on November 26-27. MWBR
Princeton - Sunday Night meeting is now closed.
Saturday Night meeting will be moving to 1258 Main St. on November 05, Providence Funeral Home
RSC meets in Hope on November 26th,27th MWBR